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We maintain a complete inventory of pharmaceuticals, prescription diets, vitamins, medicated shampoos and topical treatments, and parasite preventatives to meet the needs of your pet.

Many of our products come with the manufacturer’s guarantee (not available when purchased from pet stores or on-line) and can assure you that the medications you purchase from our clinic are safe, effective and the best price possible. We have worked closely with our pharmaceutical manufacturers and suppliers to bring you the most competitive pricing possible.

Prescription diets are research-based and proven to be effective to aid in the treatment of certain diseases. Your veterinarian will determine which formulation is appropriate given your pet's medical condition. We offer a money-back guarantee on all our prescription diets. If for some reason your pet does not eat their prescribed diet, return it to our office for a refund and your veterinarian will gladly choose a different formulation brand for your pet.

Need refills on your pets’ medications or prescription foods?

Choose one of these convenient options:

  1. Submit a request through your online pet-portal.
  2. Submit an on-line request form found under the 'Client Center' tab.
  3. Order through our Online Pharmacy and have medications, diets, and other products shipped to your door!
  4. Call our office (858-453-6312) to reach our pharmacy voicemail.

We will do our best to have your pet’s medications ready for pick up before the end of business day; our technicians will call you when your request has been processed and ready for pick up. Please note that some medications may need to be “special ordered” and may take a few days to arrive.

For prescriptions, diets, and other products we do not carry in stock at the clinic we are pleased to offer a home delivery program. Our online pharmacy offers the convenience of home delivery with affordable pricing and the highest quality of customer service. We provide quality medication coupled with convenient auto-ship program, so your pet's medications are delivered to your home on time just when you need it.

Pharmacy FAQ

Can I get a refund on prescriptions my pet did not take?
California State Health Code forbids the resale of any prescription medication dispensed from the hospital. Federal law also stipulates that any medications dispensed may not be returned for reuse due to the potential for safety concerns (i.e., tampering, incorrect storage, and contamination). Therefore, we are unable to accept medications for return under any circumstances.

Are over-the-counter medications safe to give my pets?
Many over-the-counter (OTC) medications can be dangerous for your pet. The OTC drug that is most frequently responsible for severe toxicity to pets is the anti-inflammatory pain reliever, ibuprofen (Motrin and Advil). Pets metabolize medications very differently than people, even in small doses drugs such as acetaminophen (Tylenol) can kill a cat. There are also ingredients that are used to flavor drugs that are toxic to pets (Xylitol). Unless your veterinarian has specifically told you to buy a particular OTC drug from a pharmacy and directions on dosages, do not give OTC medications to your pets.

How long can I keep medications?
Time flies, and it is easy to stash away a medication for later use, only to find that a few months, or years later, it is way out of date. You should not use expired medications for your pet (or yourself). Certain prescriptions, such as antibiotics prescribed for an infection, should be given as directed and given until the prescription is gone. Other medications are prescribed with more of a "use as needed" instruction. If there is ever a question about a prescription drug, its possible side effects, storage and handling, administration, etc., you should discuss directly with your veterinarian and as soon as the question arises. Every animal and every medication is different. There is no universal "rule" on how long a product will last, or if it will still be OK to use after the expiration date printed on the packaging. Generally, you should store your medications in a dry environment at room temperature (unless package or label specifically says to keep refrigerated) and keep out of direct sunlight. Do not use if it is past the expiration date, unless directed by the dispensing doctor.

How do I dispose of old/expired medications?
We urge you to take advantage of community pharmaceutical take-back programs in San Diego and surrounding counties:

FDA disposal instructions for select medications
The San Diego County Sheriff
San Diego Police Departments
Public Sharps, Needles, Syringes Drop-off Collection Sites