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Clinic Tour


We hope you and your pet feel welcomed and at ease when you walk into the front office and hear the soothing flow of water from the fountain, enjoy the artwork throughout the hospital under the calming effect of special lighting, and extra attention to detail in the Italy-inspired elegance of our reception area.

Exam Rooms

Our designer, Lyn Schechter, has incorporated the Tuscan-style warmth in all of the exam rooms. Each room is unique in appearance with special lighting, artwork, and furniture. Calming pheromone diffusers have help calm your pets during each visit. Digital x-rays can be viewed on wall mounted monitors available in each room.

In-house Laboratory

Our laboratory is equipped with sophisticated analyzers for blood urine samples. We have the capability to perform cytology analysis as well as culture fluid samples. Specialized tests are sent to reference laboratories that are submitted daily and even have the capability to arrange STAT pick-ups.


We have an extensive selection of prescription medications, neutraceuticals, prescription diets, and pet products to meet your pet’s special needs.

Outpatient Treatment

The outpatient treatment area is reserved for treatments and procedures not requiring anesthesia or hospitalization. This treatment ward is complete with treatment tables, a hydraulic lift exam table, raised bathtub for medicated baths, and an ultrasound machine.

Laser Treatment Lounge

The laser treatment lounge is the newest addition to our hospital and was designed with your pet's comfort in mind. We have comfortable blankets, slip-proof matts, and tranquil water fountain. Your pets are here to relax during their treatment with one of our certified laser therapists. We provide safety glasses for you and your beloved pets.

Inpatient Treatment

The inpatient treatment area is where hospitalized patients stay for the day for monitoring, treatments, and all other procedures. We have three hydraulic lift treatment stations that are fully equipped for performing various procedures including dental cleanings and dental x-rays. A large recovery ward designed with a glass wall was designed to allow our staff to be able to monitor your pets at all times. An isolation ward is reserved for patients needing separation from non-contagious patients.

Surgery & Recovery

Our surgery suite is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment including anesthetic machines, monitoring equipment, CO2 laser, fluid pumps, and specialized lighting. We are fully stocked and prepared for all types of surgery, treatments, and emergencies.


Our radiology suite has a digital x-ray unit that allows us to process your pet’s x-rays immediately and digitally. Our ultrasound machine also allows us to perform sonogram examinations of your pet’s abdomen and chest.