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Hospital Policies

Appointment Policy

We know your time is valuable so please call ahead or click the link below to set up an appointment for your pet. Your visits are scheduled according to the nature of the visit, your availability, and the doctor’s schedule to make sure you are seen in a timely manner. If you think you may be late for your appointment, please call the office, as we may need to reschedule so that you and your pet receives an appropriate amount of time with our doctors.

In addition to regularly scheduled appointments and routine treatments, we may be tending to critical cases and transfers from the emergency clinic. Thus there may be times, especially in the morning, when we are seeing many pets at one time. It is our priority to provide each patient with specialized care; your patience is greatly appreciated.

Every pet we see is important to us whether you are new to our clinic or an established client. We take pride in knowing that we will be here for pets in need, and we offer you alternatives to waiting on those very busy days such as drop off exams.

Please call our office and speak with one of our highly trained staff members who will be more than happy to help find the best option for your pet to be seen by our doctors. We encourage you to call and speak to our technicians for updates on your pets should they be here to spend the day for monitoring, treatments, or surgery.

Patient Arrival

We kindly ask that you arrive 5-10 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment.  New clients should arrive 15 minutes earlier than your scheduled appointment to allow time to prepare your pet’s record. Please bring all previous veterinary records with you if available.

For safety purposes, all dogs must be on a leash while in the waiting areas or in exam rooms. All cats must be in secured pet carriers and/or on a leash/harness. This policy will be strictly enforced. Please respect other pets and people by keeping your pets properly controlled and safely by your side.

Payment Policy

Payment is due when services are rendered. In order to focus on our patients' needs, customer service and minimizing costs, we do not bill. We accept debit cards, credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express) checks and cash. 


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Prescription Requests

Please call ahead or use the online prescription refill request form (under 'Client Center') to request refills for your pet’s medications. We recommend giving a 24 hour advanced notice when requesting medications. We will do our best to have your medication ready to be picked up at our office by the end of the business day. Please call us for estimated availability if your medications need to be ‘special ordered.’ For your convenience, some prescriptions can be mailed directly to you for a small fee. Contact us for more information.

We appreciate your patience and cooperation as we abide by strict federal and state-mandated pharmacy laws. Each and every refill must be approved by one of our doctors. A current physical exam (within one calendar year) is required before prescriptions may be approved. Some medications require current lab work such as blood or urine tests before it can be dispensed. Our staff will inform you of these requirements if applicable.