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Fear-Free Visits

Our goal at Governor Animal Clinic is to create a positive experience for your pet whenever you visit. Our staff is working towards Fear Free certification, which promotes providing a calm, low stress environment while working with our patients. We believe that this approach encourages better healthcare by recognizing the importance of your pet’s emotional needs in addition to his or her physical needs.

The following items are a few ways we use Fear Free techniques to make your pet comfortable during the visit:

  • Using treats or toys as positive reinforcement and distraction during minor procedures, such as vaccinations, nail trims, etc.
  • Placing Thundershirts on the patients to help provide a sense of security and comfort.
  • Working in quiet areas to minimize stressful stimulation caused by unfamiliar noises.
  • Using Feliway or Adaptil pheromone sprays to help calm and provide comfort.
  • Finding the best restraint method that will make the patient comfortable – if one technique does not work well, we try a different one.
  • Prescribing calming medication prior to the appointment, if needed.

We want to make sure your pet has a good experience when you come in for appointments. There are things you can do at home prior to your appointment to implement fear free techniques! If your pet has anxiety visiting the veterinary office, please feel free to contact us for more information regarding our Fear Free visits.

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