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Leanne Walters

LWalters17613634_scaled_186x250.jpgLeanne Walters is a returning employee. Awhile back she took some time off work to get her family started, and is now a very proud and happy mommy to Emily! This little red-headed beauty was born on Christmas Eve, and is the absolute love of her life!

Leanne is a San Diego native, born and raised here with her older brother, Allen. She is very close to her parents who live in Point Loma. Leanne lived with Allan before getting married to her husband, Danny. Family remains to be Leanne's focus and priority. They have one dog, "Lily". She is an awesome family dog, and best friend & protector of Emily. When not at work, Leanne loves to walk, read, garden, hike, camp and do most any type of outdoor activity, especially if it involves her family. She also has a huge heart, and we love that she came back to us!!