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Arleen Ramos, RVT

Arleen Ramos is one of our outpatient team's registered veterinary technicians. Her interest in the veterinary field started in middle school when she made the decision that she would work with animals when she grows up. Since then, she has tailored her education to meet her career goals. She is a 2009 graduate from SDSU with a BS in biology with emphasis in zoology. She continued her education by obtaining an associate's degree in animal health technology from San Diego Mesa College's registered veterinary technician program. Following this coursework, she obtained her California license as an RVT in 2013. According to her, the greatest loves of her life are her 5 "fur babies." She has three dogs: Bailie, Dakari, and Bethany; as well as 2 cats: Balari, and Zyanya.

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